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Here you'll find a whole manner of details that we like to publish - due to our experience in the market and our experience in growing businesses we really like to publish a lot of what we know. It gives us a creative escape and it helps other small businesses learn from not just their own mistakes but (as no one is perfect) also our mistakes in our own venture! Every business is different and has a different way around their own problems, it's good to see it from the other perspectives sometimes. So sit back, grab a coffee and have a read through!

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Why does my small business need a website?

Why does my small business need a website?   We get it, you're a bit tight on the budget and struggling to keep afloat however your peers keep recommending you get a better website. The struggle being you don't know much about what you're buying, this is commonplace in today's world.  The fact is: Most new... Read more →